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ET Tube Securement

Cooper Surgical

NEO-prep™ Skin Barriers and NEO-fit™ are must-have products for your CPAP and endotracheal tube patients.

The NEO-prep™ protects tender tissues during this critical therapy. They are precut and nonsterile.

The NEO-fit™ tube grip provides quick and secure stabilization and allows rapid readjustment of the endotracheal tube.

This unique design eliminates the use of tape on the tube and minimizes the need for tape on the patient. Bifurcated flex pads provide secure facial contact.

Features & Benefits of the NEO-fit™


NEO-fit NEO-Prep


Neo-Fit Endotracheal Tube Stabilization
Neo-Fit Endotracheal Tube Stabilization

Catalog Numbers

Catalog # Description Box Qty Case Qty
42-2540 NEO-fitâ„¢ Neonatal Endotracheal Tube Grip Set N/A 20
44-8000 Precut hypoallergenic skin barrier, nonsterile, small 10 30
44-8001 Precut hypoallergenic skin barrier, nonsterile, large 10 30
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